Letter to President Putin. – Esko Kärkäs.

lähettänyt Клуб Ингрия 22.7.2017 klo 3.35   [ päivittänyt 22.7.2017 klo 9.54 Veikko Kukkonen ]

From Mr. Esko Kärkäs, Imatra Finland:

To the attention of president Vladimir Putin re scheduled visit to Finland next week Mr. President – Welcome to Finland Next Week!

You are coming to visit this eastern part of Finland next week. You are said to come in commemoration of the 100-year independence of Finland.

On our radio YLE ONE, docent of war history Mr. Markku Salomaa just this morning talked about the 11000 Finnish refugees, who after the Finnish Civil War in 1917 and after grossed the boarder to CCCP. They left to seek peace and better life. Soon, however, they faced arrests and executions. So, by the way, did the father of my late cousin Hilma Hiekkanen of Hietamäki Parish, southwest from Leningrad. I met Hilma last time in Toksovo some 20 years ago. My mother was born in the same area, but came to Finland with her parents at the time of the revolution.

I presently live just across the Vuoksi – Vuoksa river from Svetogorsk, and I can see and here the happenings on the Russian side (encl picture of Sveto, Vuoksi and my house in the center area, pictured towards east, forest fires) Mr. President, next week now here in Imatra - Savonlinna region, you could make very very much good to our countries relations by publicly acknowledging and apologizing. You could not give a better gift than show your fairness and honesty towards the Finnish people.

Sent: July 21, 2017, 20:32